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 The chemical market that is located in China has grown into an enormous industry. The rapid growth of China's economy Chinese economy has led to a number of traders and manufacturers to shift businesses to China. The success of Echemi's business model has been a result of its comprehensive product range as well as its professional B2B services. Its new product called the Echemi Internet Product will offer buyers an opportunity to access China's expanding chemical industry. The Echemi Platform offers an array of services for buyers and suppliers of chemicals as well as raw materials.

Echami Group: Why It Is Reliable?

Echemi is a world-wide chemical supply chain service company based located in Hong Kong. The company offers its customers with raw material and related products. The goal of the company is to become the top choice for international buyers and suppliers. The Echemi team is dedicated to meeting the needs of a wide range of customers, and ensuring that the companies they collaborate with have the necessary ingredients to be successful. It is the Echemi Group believes in providing solutions that assist consumers and businesses in achieving their goals.

To this end, Echemi has created an official website that offers specific information about the business as well as the industry of chemicals. The company is based within Hong Kong and provides chemical supply chain services. It is part of two corporate families and employs three people. These are the key figures and contact information of Echemi. You can visit the Echemi website to find out additional information about its services and products. Our aim is to make sure that our clients operate in the most fair and equitable business environment.

The Echemi Group was established at the end of 2007 in Dusseldorf, Germany. With over the span of 25 years professional experience, it combines an efficient research team with powerful research channels and compliant methods for providing accurate data. The company is specialized on corporate due diligence, corporate credit investigation, property rights investigation, and employee back-checking. In addition it works closely with businesses to ensure that they are protected from Echemi Group works with companies to avoid potential cooperation risks. In this way, it creates a a fair and ethical business environment for clients.


It is the Echemi Food Ingredients Sourcing Meeting will be held in Shanghai on July 12th during Fi Asia-China 2018. The conference gives global buyers and suppliers with the chance to connect. Our Founder provides an overview of our company's past and the ways in which the company can profit by its offerings. The meeting is the best method to find the best products for the right price. It is a great method to create business partnerships in the chemical industry. It will enable global players to maximize their potential.

It is the Echemi Food Ingredients Sourcing Meet is a significant event for chemical companies. industry. It's an exceptional opportunity for suppliers and buyers from around the world to meet. The conference will also feature an interactive panel in which Echemi's Founder will talk about the company's achievements in the field of chemicals. Its members are expected to profit from the event. This conference is the next stage in the company's growth strategy.

It is the Echemi Food Ingredients Sourcing meeting takes to Shanghai, China on July 12th in conjunction with Fi Asia-China. This event provides an unique opportunity to Sourcing for global buyers as well as suppliers. The Echemi founder will present an overview of Echemi's accomplishments in the chemical industry. He will also outline the future of Echemi through his key speech. This is an international conference that focuses on the latest trends in the food ingredients industry.

It is the Echemi Food Ingredients Sourcing meeting will be held in Hall 4 of the NECC in Shanghai, on June 20. The founder of the company, David Zhang, invited experts from various countries to participate in the event and discuss the development trend in the food industry. The event offered a chance for face-to-face communication. Around 100 Chinese suppliers and 30 global buyer of food ingredients attended the conference with experts from the Philippines, Canada, and Pakistan.

The ECHEMI Group is a global market leader in chemical supply chain services. The company is headquartered within Hong Kong and has over 150 employees. The company is focused upon exporting Chinese fine chemicals to international markets. It provides products for many different industries, such as pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. The company's products are sold into more than 100 nations, and tens of thousands of overseas customers. There are at present around fifteen corporate families in the world. The main members of each of them are listed on their profile.

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